Product Listing

Your Product Listing will also show up in the Red Hat Catalog. Product listings are a requirement for publishing your certification projects. Product listings within the catalog allow customers to view marketing information on your product, and the listing will link to all associated certifications.

Instructions for adding a Product Listing

From the Red Hat Partner Connect web portal, click on Product Certification at the top menu bar of the page and select MANAGE PRODUCTS.


Fill in the Product name and Version and Listing Type and click CREATE LISTING.

Once Listing is created, Fill in all the required fields and click CREATE LISTING.

You must go through each Listing details in the left hand menu and fill out all required information. The PUBLISH button won't be available until the required fields are filled out.

Once all required information is filled out, you can click PUBLISH on the right upper corner to publish your Product Listing.

The product information you enter will be used to feed the certified product catalog after certification is complete and approved by Red Hat, therefore verify all information is correct.

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