Company and product logos

The logos you provide are used for promoting your company and its products and services within various parts of Partner Connect and the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. The following requirements and best practices are designed to ensure both an optimal digital experience for users on multiple devices as well as optimal promotion and recognition of your product or service.

Choosing logos

For optimal brand recognition and identification in searches, we recommend using a different logo for your product or service than your company logo that includes your brand or product name.
Example company logo
Example product logo

Image dimensions

The logo you provide is automatically scaled and positioned to fit into different box dimensions, depending on the actual use. The Red Hat logo is used below to demonstrate how a logo will be displayed in each use.
Box dimensions
Visual example
Ecosystem Catalog, search cards
254px width
48px height
Ecosystem Catalog, product listing
304px width
135px height
Ecosystem Catalog, container repo
250px width
80px height

Technical requirements

Image format
SVG (recommended) or PNG
Other formats, such as JPG or GIF, are not accepted.
File size
Maximum of 1 MB
Background color
Transparent, unless a colored background is an essential part of your branding
Note: SVG image format is recommended over other formats because SVG is generally smaller in file size and scalable across a large range of device sizes and resolutions without loss of quality.

Other best practices

  • Graphics and words used in your logo should be legible at a small scale, such as on mobile devices.
  • Logos should not contain watermarks.
  • Logos should not include unnecessary negative space (also known as white space).