Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog is the official source for discovering and learning more about the Red Hat Ecosystem of both Red Hat and certified third-party products and services. The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog includes thousands of certified and supported products and services across hardware, applications, OpenShift operators and containerized software, OpenStack infrastructure, and cloud and service providers.

Benefits to partners

Certifying your product and listing through the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog provides you with several benefits:

1. A single and simpler destination for browsing all of our partners’ certified products In the past, customers had to use multiple catalogs for browsing certified products from our partners depending on partner or product type. For example, customers previously had to use separate catalogs to find certified containerized and non-containerized software from the same partner. Customers can now go to one place for everything.

2. Improved user experience using modern, scalable design patterns The new catalog is built from the ground-up using Patternfly 4 design patterns that present a modern, catalog-like user experience.

3. Broader reach with dependable search Search is the core of the new Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. The search experiences of previous catalogs varied greatly, offering different search capabilities and displaying different UI patterns for the same functionality. The new catalog provides a consistent, more familiar search experience across all areas of the catalog and across all products and services.

4. Improved platform for Joint GTM We are developing a GTM plan for our Ecosystem of partners that will produce a disciplined execution of programs that are repeatable and sustainable for all partners. This will enable partners to publish more content into the catalog which will become the framework for doing more together for our customers.

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