TSANet Membership

At Red Hat, we value our partners and their relationship with our mutual customers. This is why we utilize an industry standard organization to create and maintain a support relationship with our partners. Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) established in 1993 is an industry Not-For-Profit organization dedicated to ensuring our mutual customers are never put into a finger-pointing situation.
Red Hat has established a partnership with TSANet to provide a collaboration platform that enables our technical support organizations to work together on common customer issues. As one of our valued partners, Red Hat will sponsor a 1:1 limited membership if you are not yet a TSANet member.

Benefits of TSANet membership

Common Legal Framework: TSANet provides an industry standard framework for solving customer issues in multi-vendor support environments. TSANet members abide by a code of conduct when working customer issues.
TSANet Connect: Red Hat has implemented the latest collaboration platform which allows partners to submit a support request via a simple contact form. Once submitted, the partner will receive confirmation of the request and each case will be escalated if not responded to within the defined guidelines. The TSANet Connect platform is bi-directional allowing the host to also submit a request. Additional information specific to the partner program such as support documents, etc. are also available for partners.
Path to Full Membership: Red Hat has partnered with TSANet to provide our valued partners a Limited membership with Red Hat. As a TSANet member you can easily expand and use your TSANet membership to meet your multi vendor support relationship needs.
Membership in Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) is required for many certification programs including OpenShift operator certification and container certification. Please register to join TSANet so we may have a common platform to collaborate on mutual customer issues.

How to register

Register for your TSANet Limited membership at the Red Hat TSANet registration page. The registration process will require documentation of your support process by your Technical Support management. For further information, please contact TSANet at [email protected].

Additional resources

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