Legal Agreements

At any time, you can view details for Red Hat partner legal agreements, including:

  • The text and type of the legal agreement

  • Who signed on behalf of your company and when


1. Click "View legal agreements" under the "My Company" menu in the site header.

2. Click the hyperlinked name to view the accepted agreement text or click 'View and accept' to be taken to a specified legal agreement for acceptance.


Q: Can I request a customized partner agreement?

A: The legal agreements within our Partner Connect online portal are not designed to be customized and should be generic enough to apply to any technology partner at any stage, without need for edits. It is highly unlikely a request for customization will be accepted. Open a support case to request consultation around the legal terms if needed. Q: A section of the legal agreements does not apply to us - can I remove that? A: We do not remove inapplicable sections for each individual partner case. If a section does not apply to your specific type of partnership, it simply will not apply and you do not need to be concerned with it. Q: I already have an enterprise agreement, why do I have to do this again? A: You may have signed a customer contract, or a different type of contract. If it was a customer contract, this partner contract is completely different and separate. Please consult your legal team if you have questions or concerns around these differentiations.

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