Register as a New Partner
From the Red Hat Partner Connect web portal, LOG IN at the upper right of the page.
Click Log in for technology partner.
  • If you have a Red Hat account with your company, Log In.
  • If you do not, click Register on the upper right corner
If you believe your company has an existing account and are not sure who is the Org Admin for your company, please email [email protected] to find out, so they can add you to the existing account. Also, please email [email protected] to create an account number associated with your company.
Fill in all required fields and SUBMIT.
An email verification will be sent to the email address provided. Once you verify your email address, log in to the Red Hat Partner Connect web portal.
To log in, Click Log In in the upper right corner and Log In for Technology Partners
Fill out the Getting Started questionnaire.
Once the My Profile section is complete, continue to the Terms tab to review and acknowledge Partner legal agreements.
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