Creating a Product Listing

The first step to get certified is got Create your Product Listing.

Your Product regroups the application description, technical and support information you want to share with your customers. This is going to be the entry point in the Red Hat catalog once your application will be certified.

To start creating your Product Listing, Click on the Product certification Menu and Manage Products

Then Click on the button Create Listing. A pop-up form will appear.

Provide the Product name and the Product Type Containerized Product

Once the basic information provided, you will be redirected to the Product General Information, where you can add all the detailed information about your application.

In order to Publish your Product Listing the following 4 sections will need to be completed

  • General

  • Linked Ressources

  • Support

  • SEO

Once your Product created, you can start creating your Certification Project

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