How to initiate a workflow with Red Hat's Go-To-Market team for marketing in addition to a certified published listing in the Red Hat EcoSystem Catalog.

Red Hat is tasked with driving market visibility for its partners and their Red Hat certified products, helping to create more business for our partners, sooner. As a result, Red Hat is funding the development of co-marketing assets and activities for partners that engage with us in the certification of their products on Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 8 and 9. Red Hat has developed several pre-designed templates for partners to more efficiently create co-branded marketing tools and assets and encourages its partners to take advantage of these Red Hat-funded investments.

For specifics, please reach out to our marketing team at

You may also view templates and request specific marketing items via the Partner Connect marketing request form.

View the overview page on the Partner Connect portal.

IMPORTANT: The end to end certification process for a partner product on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with a certified published listing in the Ecosystem Catalog upon a successful approval, is not dependent upon additional co-marketing work being initiated or completed.

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