Technical Support

How to get questions answer prior to and during an a certification engagement.

Prior to the receiving a Certification Node ID as a result of completing and submitting the "Software Pre-Certification Checklist" please send an email to [email protected]

Once a Certification Node ID is issued, to open a support case refer to How do I open and manage a support case.

Complete the Support Case Form with special attention to the following fields:

  • From the Product field, select Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • From the Product Version field, select the version of the Red Hat product on which your product/application is being certified.

  • In the Problem Statement field, type a problem statement/issue or feedback using the following format:

    {Partner Certification} (The Issue/Problem or Feedback)
  • Replace (The Issue/Problem or Feedback) with either the issue/problem faced in the certification process/Red Hat product or feedback on the certification toolset/documentation.

    For example: {Partner Certification} Error occurred while submitting certification test results using Red Hat Certification application.IMPORTANT

    It is mandatory to write the problem statement with the {Partner Certification} tag to ensure assignment of the case to the appropriate group(s).

All cases related to Certification use a Severity 3 SLA which provides for a one business day response time.