Review and Ruling Process

Description of the phase between submission of results and publication in catalog.

Once the results are submitted, the Red Hat certification team will review the results and make updates in the certification support case. If a discussion or further clarifications are required, Red Hat will contact the partner.

In most cases the review process with a success ruling and subsequent publishing of the product into the catalog will take one to two business weeks. The certification support case will be updated and the partner will be emailed when the publication goes live.

In some cases, the review process could take longer due to complexities found in the results requiring Red Hat engineering review and/or a large backlog of pending certifications requiring review by Red Hat. Both instances are expected to be rare cases.

If two weeks after submission of results and the certification support case updates have not made it clear as to where in the process the pending certification stands send an email to referencing the Certification Node ID.

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