Operating the Test Suite

IMPORTANT: Unless a Certification ID from Red Hat has been received DO NOT PROCEED. Send email to [email protected] if the Node ID has not been received after two business days.
  • If Red Hat Certification daemon is not running
    • Execute the following command:
# rhcertd start
  • To run the certification tests
# rhcert-cli
Certain tests may require feedback from the use. The test will pause until a response is provided and the enter button pressed to continue.
  • To save the results execute the following command:
# rhcert-cli save
Disregard the message "Error: could not determine local test server". This environment does not use a local test server.
For details on the test suite verification please reference the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Software Certification Policy.
See Technical Support page under Additional Information if any other questions or problems arise during the operation of the test suite.