Pre-Certification Checklist

This is a requirement in the certification process to help ensure all the steps prior to downloading and running the test suite have been taken by the partner.

To proceed with certification you must complete the Software Pre-Certification Checklist. As soon as all the requirements will be fulfilled, you will be able to Start using the Red Hat Certification Tool.

Description of checklist line items

  • Complete export control questionnaire

    • Export control questionnaire contains a series of questions through which the Red Hat legal team evaluates the export compliance by third-party vendors.

      Partner’s legal representative must review and answer the questions. Red Hat takes approximately five business days to evaluate the responses and based on the responses Red Hat approves partner or declines partner or defers decision or requests more information.

  • Provide repository details about your container

    • It will redirect you to the project Settings. You will need to provide information about the container : Here is the detail for the Settings page

  • Attach a completed product listing

    • In order to be published, your project has to be attached to a Product Listing.

    • By clicking on the Select method drop down list and choosing Attach/edit, you can either attach an already existing Product Listing, or create one on the fly.

    • By clicking on the Select method drop down list and choosing View product listing, you will be redirected to the attached Product listing page

    • Note : In order to complete this section, your Product listing should have all the mandatory information provided

  • Complete your company profile

    • You will be redirected to the company profile section. Fill in all the mandatory information about your company profile

Once the mandatory information are provided, you will be able to Start the container image verification process, by clicking Start in the Submit your container for verification section.

By clicking Start, you will be redirected to the Images Tab, where you can start the verification procedure, as well as monitoring the process. For more details, you can check the Container certification workflow guide

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