Pre-Certification Checklist

This is a requirement in the certification process to help ensure all the steps prior to downloading and running the test suite have been taken by the partner.

To proceed with certification you must complete the Software Pre-Certification Checklist. And then click "Ready to Proceed"

Description of checklist line items

  • Fill out the application profiler

    • Google form that gathers high level information about the product so Red Hat can assist your team moving forward. This information will not go into the catalog nor will it be shared outside of Red Hat.

  • Confirm membership in

    • This is part of the program prerequisites. More information can be found here: TSANet Membership‚Äč

  • Provide commercial support evidence

    • Provide a URL where customers can verify that your product is commercially supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Once the Pre-Certification Checklist is submitted to Red Hat, a Red Hat certification coordinator will contact you within two business days. Red Hat takes this time to review the submitted information and enable the certification back end systems for the particular project. When able to proceed an email will be sent with a Certification Node ID and more details on how to proceed.

Please note: you can continue to proceed to the next steps, however until the confirmation email described above with a Certification Node ID is issued, "Submitting Certification Results" will not be possible.