Using the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog is the official source for discovering and learning more about the Red Hat Ecosystem of both certified Red Hat and third-party products and services.

What does certified mean?

A certified Red Hat partner product is software, hardware, or a public cloud provider image that has been tested and verified with Red Hat technologies. The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog is a repository for all certified partner products that run on-top, inside or underneath Red Hat software (RHEL, OCP, OSP, Ansible, etc). These certified products may include other Red Hat add-on products such as container images and operators or partners’ products.

Does the new catalog replace any previous catalogs or URLs?

Yes. The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog replaces two previous catalogs – the partner “Ecosystem Catalog” (previously at and the Red Hat Container Catalog (previously at The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog presents the same information as the previous two catalogs but in one, consolidated catalog with modern UX design patterns and powered by a completely redesigned search platform.