Container image release categories

Release categories are denote availability and support of the images in a container repository and the respective products. Container images may be categorized as "generally available", "tech preview", "beta", or "deprecated".

Container images labeled “generally available” are fully supported by Red Hat or the provider and may be used in production.

Container images labeled “tech preview” are not fully supported by Red Hat or the provider and are not intended to be used in production. For more information about Red Hat products marked "tech preview", see Technology Preview Features Support Scope.

Container images labeled “beta” are made available for testing purposes in non-production environments as a pre-release and do not fall under any existing support agreement.

Container images labeled “deprecated” are expected to be phased out in the future and, therefore, should not be relied upon going forward. When a repository has been deprecated, no further updates of images in that repository should be expected. The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog may continue to provide information about deprecated repositories to prevent builds that rely on them from breaking or as references.

The following is provided as a helpful reference:

Release category


Production use

Generally available

Fully supported


Tech preview

Partially supported

Use at your discretion


May not be supported

Not recommended


Not supported

Not recommended

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