Getting support

Support for Red Hat product images

Download and use of Red Hat container images are governed by the Red Hat subscription agreement and the subscriptions purchased by your organization. If you have an existing Red Hat Enterprise Agreement (or other negotiated agreement with Red Hat) with terms that govern subscription services associated with Containers, then your existing agreement will control.

Support for Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI)

The Red Hat Universal Base Image can be deployed in two ways, each with a different license and support expectation.

Running on a Red Hat-supported platform

Applications built with UBI and running on a Red Hat-supported container platform such as Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Enterprise Linux are supported as a full Red Hat Enterprise Linux stack when run with all of the following conditions:

  1. On a Red Hat supported container platform (Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

  2. With a Red Hat shipped and supported Container Engine (Red Hat-provided CRI-O, Podman, etc.)

  3. With a Red Hat shipped and supported Container Runtime (Red Hat-provided runc, etc.)

Running on any other platform

When running on any other container platform or with any other container engine or runtime — including upstream Kubernetes, cloud provider based Kubernetes services, other Linux distributions, any other non-RHEL Linux distribution, or a non-Red Hat provided container engine or runtime — users will receive updates, but support will not be provided by Red Hat. There is no way to purchase support on any platform other than a Red Hat-supported container platform. Red Hat does not perform any testing or validation of UBI on any non-Red Hat software stack. Any issues should be filed with the respective upstream communities or products.

Support for certified third-party images

Most certified third-party images available through the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog require licenses with support or subscriptions for use from their provider. The provider has primary responsibility for supporting the application and should be the initial point of contact for any questions. Red Hat will provide support for the Red Hat layers and components that are embedded in the certified container if the issues with usage pertain to the Red Hat content, provided that the end user has an appropriate subscription. See the Red Hat Container Support Policy for additional information.

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