Product details

Certification Standards



Runs on OpenShift

The vendor has verified the functionality of this product on Red Hat OpenShift and supports it as a target platform

Vendor validated

The vendor has committed that the product works on the advertised platform.

Additional information about CNF certification levels is available.

Certified operators & images

All operators and associated container images have been certified.

Fully containerized

This product is packaged as one or more container images.

Continuous vulnerability scans

Each certified image in this product is continuously scanned against newly published vulnerabilities.

Collaborative support

The vendor has a collaborative support process with Red Hat that allows direct communication between support organizations.

OpenShift Continuous Integration

The vendor has a CI system process in place to continuously test OpenShift updates as they are released by Red Hat to verify interoperability.


OpenShift Capabilities



In-service OpenShift upgrades

The product can handle upgrades to OpenShift nodes without impacting service availability for end users

In-service CNF upgrades

The product can handle its own upgrades without impacting service availability for end users

Supports OpenShift EUS release

The product has been validated or certified in a version of OpenShift with Extended Update Support (EUS). For details on EUS see the OpenShift Life Cycle Policy.