Cloud-native network functions (CNF)

About cloud-native network functions (CNF)

Cloud-native network functions (CNF) are network functions designed and implemented to run inside containers. Containerization of network architecture components makes it possible to run a variety of services on the same cluster and more easily on-board already decomposed applications, while dynamically directing network traffic to correct pods.

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Exploring certified Cloud-native network functions

When exploring certified Cloud-native network functions, you can view a set of tiles that represent each certified product from Red Hat partners.

Certification levels

Red Hat offers CNF partners two options for certifying their CNF solutions. These paths have increasing levels of customer value and benefits including interoperability, collaborative support, lifecycle management and ongoing security services, which are key for running products with multiple vendors in the same mission-critical environment.

Vendor validated

The vendor validated level offers interoperability verification of a CNF with Red Hat OpenShift by the application vendor in collaboration with Red Hat. Further, the vendor commits to offer commercial support for the CNF on Red Hat OpenShift, backed by a collaborative support framework with Red Hat. The partner is required to implement and operate a CI/CD environment and test its CNF with Red Hat OpenShift, as changes in either product are developed and released.

Certified Red Hat OpenShift CNF

Red Hat OpenShift CNF certification sets the highest standard for mission-critical network functions on Red Hat OpenShift. Building on Red Hat Operator Certification, CNF certification extends the collaboration between Red Hat and its partners to apply best practices specific to telco deployments. The partner is required to perform and pass a set of CNF-specific tests in its CI/CD environment or the integration lab offered by Red Hat and Intel, as changes in either product are developed and released.

Summary of certification differences

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