Images from third parties

Red Hat makes certified containers from our third-party partners available through the Red Hat Container Catalog. These containers are provided by our ISV partners, utilizing underlying technology (i.e., base layers) from Red Hat.

The initial certification process

Certification is an activity where:

  • Red Hat establishes a set of criteria to establish compatibility with Red Hat products

  • Red Hat engages with an ISV to assist with their understanding of the technology, best practices, and the certification criteria

  • If necessary, the ISV makes changes to their product, its installation, its documentation, etc. in order to fulfill the certification criteria

  • Red Hat tests that the criteria have been met, and if so awards a certification

Once a third-party product has been certified, its images are made available through Red Hat image registries and listed in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

Ongoing certification

As part of certification, third-party providers are required to keep their product images up to date if/when security advisories are published or otherwise defined through certification programs. Providers who do not comply with the policy to update certified containers may be removed from the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

How do I purchase certified containers from third parties?

To purchase third party software, contact the vendor directly by using information provided through the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

How do I get support for certified products?

See the Getting support section of this help guide.

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