This guide does not complete the certification process and is only for development and testing. We highly recommend you certify your application container image(s) through our Partner Portal. More information can be found here: Partner Guide.

This guide will cover how to build and test your operator. Before you go through the guide you will need to setup your system and environments.

You will need 2 environments.

  1. Local Build Environment

  2. Test OpenShift Environment (Which will be discussed in Installing an OpenShift Environment)

    1. NOTE: We recommend using Fedora 31+, you can either install these packages locally or use a Fedora VM to build your operator. In this section we will only go over how to install these packages in Fedora, but you can use another OS as well.

The following are prerequisites for your Local Build Environment:

This guide will go over changes needed for you operator to be certified through Red Hat. For more information on how to build your operator please visit: Building Operators with Operator SDK

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