Partner Guide for OpenShift and Container Certification

This document will guide you through the process of obtaining a “Red Hat Certified” designation for an application that targets Red Hat OpenShift as a deployment platform. It also covers the certification of containers that use Red Hat technology.

The process involves preparing your application so that it meets the certification criteria, submitting it to Red Hat for review and approval, and publishing it so that it is is available for consumption.

It should be noted that the certification is not a one-time action, but assumes a commitment to maintaining it across its life cycle, i.e., updating it as needed for security or other reasons.

The Certified Technology Ecosystem Team offers an OpenShift Certification Discovery Workshop. This is a 1 hour, high level overview of the certification program with plenty of time for initial Q&A. If you are interested please fill out the assessment in this link and one of our engineers will reach out to you shortly afterward to schedule the call.