Reviewing your Metadata Bundle

Some testing can be preformed prior to deployment to verify that the Metadata Bundle files are properly configured and formatted.

Validating the CSV

You can validate your CSV is properly formatted by copying your file here: Validate YAML.

Verifying your Bundle with Operator-SDK

To check your metadata files, run the following command on the root directory of your project:

operator-sdk bundle validate ./bundle

This will check your metadata files to see if there are any required fields missing. It will produce an error message for each missing component. You can also run the command below for a more detail validation.

operator-sdk bundle validate ./bundle --select-optional suite=operatorframework

Previewing your CSV on

Navigate to the website

You can copy and paste your CSV contents into the "Enter your operator's CSV YAML:" section as shown below. Then click the blue submit button to see how your information will render.

Work with your project manager to make sure your icon and information display correctly in the preview. You can go in and edit the fields of your CSV, some of which we added earlier, to change how the information is displayed.

The information from your CSV will show up on the embedded OperatorHub on OpenShift. That is why it is important to verify your preview.

Here is a look at how the embedded OperatorHub on OpenShift displays the information of certified partners.

Congratulations, your operator is ready for testing on OpenShift. Continue with Installing an OpenShift Environment if you haven't already.

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