Building and Pushing Image

Setup account

Before we build our operator image we will want to setup an account on We will need to push this image to so that we can test the Metadata Files discussed in the next section. To setup an account on

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on the SIGN IN button located on the upper right side

  3. You can either Sign In with your GitHub account or click Create Account

  4. Once logged into Quay, click CREATE REPOSITORY to create a place to push your operator image for testing (example name: mongodb-operator)

Building and Pushing the Operator

Build the mongodb-operator image and push it to a registry:

make docker-build docker-push

Editing your Image and ImagePullPolicy

Now that you have built and pushed the image to it is necessary to edit config/manager/manager.yaml and replace the following fields:

  • image - your new image on

  • imagePullPolicy - Always

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