What if I've already published a Community Operator?

This section will outline the steps required to publish your OperatorHub.io or OpenShift Community Operator to the Red Hat Certified catalog listing in OpenShift OperatorHub.

Certification of a Community Operator

In order to certify a community operator, you must first sign up as a Red Hat Partner and then certify and publish both your application and operator container image(s) to the Red Hat Container Catalog (RHCC). This process is covered in depth in our Partner Guide.

The following changes must be made to the operator as well as the operator metadata (CSV) prior to submission (each item is covered in depth further below):

  • The operator must consume the certified application image(s) aka operands from RHCC.

  • The service account of your operand, (eg: the service account used to run your application's pods) must have the proper Security Context Constraint (SCC) applied in order to run containers either as root or a specific UID in OpenShift. This applies specifically to OperatorHub.io/Vanilla K8s operators

  • Set the metadata.annotations.certified field to true

  • The packageName of the metadata bundle in package.yamlmust be distinct from that of your community operator.

  • The metadata bundle must be flattened and contain no sub-directories or extraneous files

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