Ready to build containers with Red Hat’s Universal Base Image? Download the bits, build containers and certify!

UBI Download & Container Certification

Below, you will find the link to download UBI. When you are ready to certify your container with UBI, you must first join Partner Connect if you are not already a registered member. Follow the container certification guide to complete the necessary steps for certification.

Additional Build Resources

Here we listed technical documentation and blog on migration from CentOS to UBI.

Lab Resources & Tools

The below resources will aid you in your development and testing process.

The developer Sandbox provides you with a private, very small-scale, OpenShift environment in a shared, multi-tenant OpenShift cluster that is pre-configured with a set of developer tools.

CodeReady Containers is a VM instance of OCP. It does have some limitations as it is condensed to run in a VM, and the VM does require a fair amount of computing resources to run properly. Typically it can be run on a regular laptop but if you notice that there are performance issues, you may want to consider another option to improve your experience.

The OpenShift Partner Lab is a limited availability cluster, gated by a request process from a Red Hat sponsor, that we may grant you access to depending on your needs and timeframe. We manage it and allow partners to log in and test their software for a predetermined amount of time. Typical lab access is anywhere from one day to one month, depending on availability.

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