Does your software products runtime footprint land within Red Hat's boundaries of supportability and best practices? Download RHEL bits, build your application and certify!

Building with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Our software certification test suite for RHEL 8 will validate whether or not a partner's product fits within the boundary of supportability and best practices desired by customers. A certified product is a confirmed enterprise grade product where the occurrence and severity of production issues will be minimized. Working through a not supportable conversation with Red Hat support during a customer escalation is something everyone wants to avoid. It isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s carries with it the same type of economic impacts of finding a bug late in the development cycle.

With a certified status, the partner's product is also made available in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog for customers and potential customers to view. If given a choice between two products with equal price points and equal features, one certified and one not, which product do you think the customer will choose?

Running certification tooling is easy and the process typically takes a partner approximately a few hours of their time. Typically, the certification is processed end to end in less than a week, especially if the product lands squarely in user space.

At your leisure review the two important documents for pursuing certification: the policy guide (a set of rules to follow) and the workflow guide which acts as a user manual to get you through the certification workflow including creating a project, setting up a test environment, downloading tooling and uploading results.

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