Level Up

This section points you to advanced learning resources and next steps.

Now that you have an operator built using the Operator-SDK, you have a number of different routes you may take to publish.

Community Operators are supported by the community.

Certified Operators have joint support from the partner and Red Hat.

Finally, you may choose to integrate your operator into the Red Hat Marketplace.

If you would like to certify your operator:

  1. Follow the guide for OpenShift and Containers Certification, and if you are interested in the Red Hat Marketplace, we have a separate technical track to explain that process.

Advanced Track Options

OpenShift Certification Badging (CSI, CNI, CNF)

Certification badges extend the Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification into specific functional areas or infrastructure services that are key in cloud-native deployments for our joint customers. Built on the foundation of Container and Operator certification, badges indicate that a certified product delivers additional capabilities, such as conformance with Kubernetes plugin APIs.

The certification badges currently available for OpenShift are:

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