This section provides OpenShift learning resources to help you understand and learn about all OpenShift offerings available and all of the various features and functions. This section also provides re

What is Kubernetes?

OpenShift is a downstream enterprise Kubernetes platform. To really understand OpenShift, it is wise to have a comprehensive understanding of Kubernetes as well. These resources will take you through the basic and advanced concepts of Kubernetes architecture and functionality. IBM and the Linux Foundation also offer wonderful, free online courses to help guide you through Kubernetes fundamentals.

What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is Kubernetes with many additional features and functional improvements. Move through this section to learn OpenShift basics and what differentiates OpenShift from Kubernetes.

Dive Deeper

Advance your OpenShift capabilities with our OpenShift learning portal and the abundant resources within our Red Hat Developer website.

Value of using OpenShift

Understand the benefits and opportunities the OpenShift platform may provide your business.

OpenShift Deployment Options


With OpenShift managed offerings, the back-end configuration and control is managed separately, taking out much of the legwork required by the self-managed products.


You are in control of the OpenShift platform and all back-end configuration, installation, and management.

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