Partner Connect Technical Tracks


The purpose of this guide is to provide ISVs with a consolidation of quality technical material and resources, that are important for partners and prospective partners to understand. Whether you are interested in certification or just trying to learn more about the various Red Hat platforms and technologies, we aim to provide you with a path forward to Learn, Build, and Level Up.

Individual Technical Tracks cover certification offerings when applicable, but the breadth and depth of track content is also intended to socialize the underlying features, tools and technology of Red Hat platforms through a how what and why approach.

Section Layout

Each section will be laid out with the same framework to help provide a cohesive and streamlined process for each "Track". The sections are as follows:

  1. Overview

  2. Learn

  3. Build

  4. Level Up


This will be a summary of each track, including what you will learn, what you will be able to do with that knowledge, and how you can progress to the next level.


This will be an area of topics and points, with a supplemental list of resources. This section aims to provide you with information and resource collateral that is suited for learning about key areas of each track.


This section is designed to take what you learned and apply it to a tangible outcome such as building an operator, creating Ansible content or certification.

Level Up

Now that you have something tangible, what can you do with it? How can you improve upon it ? What else can you do from here? So, you certified your non-containerized software product on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, then it's time to Level Up to containers with Red Hat's Universal Base Image. Have a level 1 or 2 operator together, why not consider advancing it's maturity to level 3 and beyond? The overarching idea here is a continuous cycle of advancement.

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