Submitting your content
On your local copy of the GitHub repository, go to the chart's directory and create a subdirectory with the version of the chart you'll be certifying.
If the version will be 0.1.0, the submission directory will be :
charts/partners/<your company>/<your chart name>/0.1.0
I - If you are submitting the chart :
  • The chart could be a .tgz file created using the helm package command or a directory with the chart source. If it is a tarball, it can be placed directly under the 0.1.0 directory.
  • You can also add the chart verification report, stored in a file called report.yaml
II - If you are submitting only the report :
  • You should stored the chart verification report in the directory, in a file called report.yaml
Use the git add command to indicate that these files will be added, and the git commit command to record the changes.
Finally, you need submit a pull request (PR) to request the certification review. You can do this via the GitHub website in your repository, or use the GitHub CLI.
If the pull request is successful, your Helm chart will be certified.
If you have allowed publishing in our repository, the chart will be available through the official repository URL: .
You can follow the instructions given there to install it in your OpenShift cluster.
For additional information on this process, including troubleshooting tips, see the repository documentation in GitHub.
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