Helm Chart Certification Project Settings

After your project is created, you need to provide the following information. This is done via the "Settings" tab in your project.
  • Public PGP Key. This is an optional field, in case you want to sign your certification test results.
  • Authorized GitHub user accounts. This indicates the GitHub users that are allowed to submit Helm charts for certification on behalf of your company.
  • Short and Long repository descriptions and Application categories. These will be used when listing your Helm chart in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.
  • Technical contact email address. Address will be used by Red Hat to contact you if there are any issues specific to your certification project.
In addition to these fields, if you selected to distribute your charts through your own repository instead of, you must provide the following information:
  • Helm chart repository
  • Instructions for users to get your Helm chart in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog