Creating a container application project

Certified container images are delivered to customers through the Red Hat Connect Image Registry to run on a supported Red Hat container platform. Your product and images will be listed in the Red Hat Container Catalog using the listing information you provide. To begin the process to Certify your Application you must first Create a Container Project.‌

Click ZONES & RESOURCES at the top of the page and click Red Hat OpenShift & containers


Scroll down to Projects section and Click ADD A PROJECT.‌

Complete the Create New Project Wizard.

1. Project

2. Container Type

Select Container Application

3. Release Category

4. OS Content Type

This information cannot be changed after project is created

5. Distribution Method

This information cannot be changed after project is created.

If this is for the Red Hat Marketplace, you cannot choose Non-Red Hat Container Registry. You have the other 2 options to chose from and must complete Export Compliance.

Once you have finalized all your selection click on Create Project.

Different ways to access your project: Click on the Zones Section in Header > Red Hat Openshift & Container > Certify Page. You can also access your projects by going to Product Certification> Manage projects