Introduction to Operators
An Operator is a method of packaging, deploying and managing a Kubernetes application. A Kubernetes application is an application that is both deployed on Kubernetes and managed using the Kubernetes APIs and kubectl/oc tooling. You can think of Operators as the runtime that manages this type of application on Kubernetes.

Distributing Operators

As a partner, there are three places where you can contribute an operator, each with a different publishing endpoint:
  • Certified Operators - submitted through Red Hat Connect - listed in OpenShift OperatorHub
  • Community Operators - submitted through GitHub - listed in both OpenShift and OKD OperatorHub
  • Upstream Community Operators - also submitted through GitHub - listed in the community website

Certified Operator Build Guide

We have created another guide that you can find here. This guide is designed to take you step by step through the process of creating your operator using the Operator-SDK. There are examples for using both Helm and Ansible as well as more information on deploying a test environment for you to work with while developing your operator
This guide is made for Red Hat Connect and will take you through the process of publishing a Certified Operator to OpenShift OperatorHub.
Last modified 2yr ago