Prerequisites and Workflow Overview

Prerequisites All vendors must be be registered in Red Hat Partner Connect. Partnership allows access to certification and other program benefits. See here for registration details. All operands deployed by the operator, in addition to the operator image, must be tested, certified and published. See our documentation for more information. Partners are also expected to establish a collaborative process to coordinate with Red Hat Support when troubleshooting incidents affecting joint customers. This is fulfilled through TSANet.
Finally, partners must maintain an OpenShift deployment use for ongoing testing across platform releases, and for support and triage purposes. Partners can get access to OpenShift software as a program benefit, see here for instructions.
Workflow Overview The specialized OpenShift badge certification work takes place within the operator metadata bundle certification projects as an extension. The badge certification testing is a part of the project checklist and must be completed prior to submission and publishing of your operator metadata bundle itself. Once the badge certification testing and other checklist items (described here) are completed, in addition to the certification of all operands, the partner must complete the Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification for the targeted product, which covers:
  • Verification that the operands deployed, referenced within the CSV file of the metadata bundle, are certified and published.
  • Verification that the product's Operator integrates with the OpenShift Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM), and has the right metadata for listing purposes.