Metadata scanning & results

The Metadata Scan takes about 1-2 hours. Once the scan is complete you will see the Results under Operator Metadata. If you have a Passed result you can click Publish to Publish your Operator.

Click View Details to see further results and logs.

If your image is taking longer than 2 hours to scan or if you need help troubleshooting any failure, please open a Support Ticket and an engineer will be in contact with you shortly. Instructions on how to open a Support Ticket can be found in the Getting Help Section.


You can now select where to distribute your Operator. Once you are ready to publish your operator, select an option before hitting Publish. This can also be found in the Operator Config section.

  • Red Hat Connect

    • This Option will only publish your operator to embedded OperatorHub

  • Red Hat Connect & Marketplace

    • This option will publish to both embedded OperatorHub and if applicable Red Hat Marketplace

  • Red Hat Marketplace Only

    • This option will only show up in Red Hat Marketplace and not in any embedded OperatorHub