Creating a Project

Adding a certification project is a required step.


Please make sure you have followed the Program Prerequisites in the Initial On-Boarding section, in particular the Product Listing steps under Manage Your Account. You cannot create a Project without having created a Product.

Go to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Zone page and click on Certify.

Scroll down to Projects and click on ADD A PROJECT.

Fill out the Project Name field the same as the Product Name and complete the remaining mandatory fields and click Submit.

This certification is only available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Next goto the top menu bar, select Product Certification and select Manage Products.

Click on the Product Listing recently created which will bring you to the following screen.

On the bottom left select Certification Projects which will bring you to the next screen.

Click Attach Project.

Disregard reference to Container certification projects this is a known defect.

Next check the recently created Project Name and click Attach at the bottom of the page.

Next go back to the top menu, select Product Certification and select Manage Projects.

Select the Project Name highlighted in blue.

Proceed to the next step.