Configuring your test environment

Partners must deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to verify the functionality of their CSI driver and the corresponding storage solution.
Red Hat Partner Connect offers free access to software as a program benefit. For more information on how to obtain a subscription to Red Hat OpenShift, see the Software Access section in the Red Hat Partner Connect Program Guide.
The OpenShift environment used for the CSI tests must meet the following criteria:
  • The version of OpenShift must be 4.3 or later. It is always recommended to use the latest supported release. For more information on OpenShift releases, see the Life Cycle Policy.
  • The CSI driver must be installed using its Operator
  • On OpenShift 4.6 or later, OpenShift Virtualization must be installed
  • A RHEL host with access to the OpenShift cluster is needed, to use as the test client for the CSI certification tests provided by Red Hat